Blush and Rouge Boutique Monthly Subscription Box

  • $55.99
    Unit price per 

What better way to treat yourself than to come home to happy mail each month? Sometimes you need to be selfish and give yourself a gift. This is also a great gift option for a friend. Life is simply better when happy mail is involved especially each month.

 While the box is a surprise, it is still customizable. The boxes will be the same for each person with slight variations. You will enter your size at checkout so we can understand the person we are packing the order for a little better. Typically that size is for a T shirt or Sweatshirt that goes with the theme of that month.

Even though this is a monthly subscription service, we want it to be a personalized experience. There are different levels to the subscription service that you are able to choose from and you are able to cancel at any time as long as the cut off for that month has not passed. 

August’s box includes a tee, 2 buttons, claw clip, and earrings! 

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